Wine Novice

Entering the world of red

As a twenty-something who’s new to the wine world, finding the perfect red was a journey I didn’t know I would take.

In the past, Champagne, Moscato, and sangria- was sadly all I ever associated with wine. But interning at a wine magazine changed that for the better. I would usually pick a fruity cocktail or hard cider, but now I get excited whenever I see a Sauvignon Blanc or Riesling listed on a menu.  I’m fascinated by not just the taste, but also by the process. You choose a grape and you let nature do its thing. But there are so many things that affect it from the soil, climate, and distance from the ocean. Within my first week I learned about winemakers using clay pots to ferment their grapes to learning that some winemakers are changing the way they conserve and use water during the process.  I can go on and on about  how I learned  what a big difference temperature makes  when  enjoying your wine to which glassware you sip it from. But there was one thing that was standing in the way of me feeling like I could fully step into the world of wine; I couldn’t find a red I liked.

I swirled, sniffed, swished, and spat. But there were too many reds that stayed at that. I tried Malbec, and Cabernets-but it was too bitter for my sweet tooth. I enjoyed floral, fruity, and tart, which is why I leaned towards Rieslings and Sauvignon Blanc. I took note that I wasn’t quite fond of tasting notes of leather and tobacco, but I was determined to find one that satisfied my sweet tooth.

After picks from my supervisor and research, I realized I was trying too hard. I was trying to force something to happen, especially when wine is something I never thought I’d be learning about in the first place. So this isn’t a  cheesy story where it ends on a feel good note on how I found the perfect red that I will always drink. This isn’t a story where I say well no one is perfect. I haven’t found the perfect red–and that’s okay and real. I’m still learning and that’s the best thing I’ve learned on my journey. You’ll never stop learning, and I’m sure I’ll find a red I like with time. And that’s something I can toast to.



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