Hansel’s Silence


Another day of labor, means there is no need

To worry. There is no need to go to bed in fear tonight.

In my house, there is always a loaf of bread left over.

My wife and son’s bellies are full, way into the morning.

I greet my wife as I enter the kitchen, and she tells me young

Hansel is out playing in the garden. She hands me a letter that has arrived

And I throw it in the pile. “My dear husband, don’t harden your heart.” She says

But I do not bother reading, because the letter is always the same.

Gretel writes that Father prays every night and day to embrace his

Only son once again, and to meet the family. That our nightmares of

Scattered bread and deceitful women should be mere history. She says

He wants to make peace with me before his days are done.

It wasn’t until I grew older and wiser, that I realized the truth.

It took me some time to gain the knowledge of the fruit.

Witches may haunt my sleep, but that snake is still loose.

I tell my dear wife my silence should say enough.

The way he left my sister and I alone, was what questioned our trust.

I hope he only prays for forgiveness for his soul to be saved.

Be he continues to blame a woman for his own senseless ways.


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