Alone in the Forest

I stretched my body and tossed and turned against the bark of the tree. That night, I fell asleep to the whistling of the wind. I held myself tightly and closed my eyes. I was hoping that I would be tapped on the shoulders, and that when I opened my eyes, it would be my mother waking me up from a bad dream. Every few seconds I would hear small twigs breaking and leaves falling and crackling against the dirt. When I opened my eyes it was far too dark to see anything. My breathing became synced with the crickets chirping. Surely, I thought, I would wake up soon and find myself in bed. I’d get up and scan the room, and Mara would be snoring in her bed. As the wind blew stronger, I held myself tighter and dug my body deeper into the earth. The dirt remained cold beneath my body. The forest knew I was a stranger, forcing myself to belong.
Morning came, but to my despair I was still in the forest. I started to cry. I was alone. I lost everything I’ve ever own, and everyone I had ever loved. The only hope I had was Niko. He said he would find me, but I began to wonder if Niko lied to me in order to save me. What if he was gone too? Around noon, I started walking north. I had to find something to eat. All I could see in front of me were flowers and berries. This wouldn’t be able to sustain me for much longer…

I ate some berries and laid down on the grass. I rested my head on my pack and fell asleep. When I woke up, I felt a presence near me. I opened my eyes, and a few feet away there was a fox. I got up slowly and put my backpack on. Its green eyes followed my every movement.
Don’t run. I told myself. Don’t run.

“Don’t waste your time. I decided to leave you alone when I watched you cry yourself to sleep.”

I laughed. A fox just spoke to me…


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