2 Story apartment

A large bang is heard in another room, and Sarah quickly presses mute on the television. Sarah breathes deeply and slowly trying to stay as silent as she can. Once again there is another bang, that Sarah recognizes is coming from the front door. John had told her before he left, that she should not expect any visitors, as he had informed all friends and family that he would be away on vacation. Sarah peeks through the crack of the half opened bedroom door, and watches in terror turns quickly back and forth. She steps back and locks the bedroom door thinking of her next move. Sarah rushes to the bed and rummages through the bedsheets looking for her cellphone. She suddenly realizes that she left her phone in her coat pocket out in the living room. Before she could run out of the bedroom and grab her coat, she hears a creek and the front door open. Now Sarah has no way of calling for help. She looks around the room and locates a slender table lamp and grips it tightly in her hands like a bat. The sound of heels tap around the house and Sarah becomes confused as to who is in the house. The sound of papers being shuffled and cabinets opening and closing intensify Sarah’s nerves. She tip toes softly in between the dresser and the bedroom door and listens carefully to the unknown intruder in the other room. She hears the footsteps come closer and watches as the doorknob moves left to right. The foot steps walk away and Sarah takes a deep sigh of relief. By the sound of the heels, Sarah assumes the intruder to be a woman and decides to confront the intruder. and she opens the bedroom door and charges out with the black table lamp ready to swing.

I locate apartment 234 in a few minutes and scan the hallways for any movement. I bend down and lift the small faded gray area rug before the door and look for the spare key. I put the key in the lock, but have trouble opening the door. I bang the door a couple of times in case it needed to be pushed but have no luck. Finally after a minute of fidgeting with the doorknob I make my way inside the apartment. I walk inside and place the spare key on the counter to remind myself to place it back before I leave. I look at the kitchen counter and notice a few letters and papers spread out. I scan and rummage through the papers looking for one that says Mr. and Mrs. John Spelman. I walk over into the living room and try to gather the stack of mail on the coffee table. I take a seat on the futon and notice and dark brown leather jacket beside me. The leather jacket is made by Guess in a small and I realize that I may not be alone. My heart beats quickly and I walk slowly towards the bedroom door. I try to turn the doorknob, but it is locked and I decide it is best that I come back the next day. I quickly run to the kitchen counter and grab the spare key. A soft female voice yells “Hey, who the hell are you?” I turn around and see a woman holding a black table lamp as a bat in her hands.
“Hey, I’m sorry. Please put the lamp down. I was just looking for a letter of mine. I’m John’s ex-wife.”


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