Time Travelers


How I Met Your Mother is a show about a Dad, named Ted Mosby, telling his children the great story of how he met their mother. It all started in 2005 when his best friends Lily and Marshall got engaged, which sparked the desire in him to find “the one.” Along his journey, we see how Ted and his friends grow, love, and learn. It’s one of my favorite shows (Currently on Netflix and Amazon Prime) and it has taught me amazing life lessons. It’s a funny postmodern show about life and love–and one episode in particular keeps finding a way to get stuck in my head.

Like most episodes, Ted starts narrating the story to his children. He talks about his life April 2013. (This episode is from Season 8, episode 20).Ted is sitting at the bar with his friend and future versions of themselves, who try to (trust me, I know that sounds weird and confusing, but it’s good)  to convince present day Ted to go out to  an event called Robots Vs. Wrestlers. At the end, it is revealed that everything that happened in the background that night with his friends, was really a memory. Present day Ted, was  really sitting at the bar with one ticket to Robots Vs. Wrestlers because none of his friends could go. Ted  finishes the story with telling his children that if he could go back , he would. He would go back and spend time in his old apartment, he would visit his friends, but firstly and most importantly he would visit his wife if he could go back in time, so he could have the extra days with her.

I am a romantic, but that’s not the main reason why this is my favorite episode. Ted was single and alone, and he had no idea that he would be meeting his wife in 45 days; just 45 days. Ted couldn’t travel time, but what he was able to do was to look back at his lonely moment in the past. He was able to look back at it and realize the amazing moments that came along. There will be times when we feel like everything around us is going wrong, or that we’re going through some painful and overwhelming things. However, there is a quite beautiful possibility that your life will change for the better. (You just don’t know when or how, but the beauty will follow.)

When I get too stressed out, I remind myself that whether it be an  hour, day, months, or years from now that something amazing can be waiting for me on the other side of my bad moment. The lesson is that Ted was really lonely and sad about his friends not being able to make it out that night, but what Ted should’ve done, is appreciate what he had in that moment. Having gratitude and appreciation for the now is something we need more of. Many times, we get blindsided by the problems we face and mourn, rather than be grateful for what we have in the moment.

Life is precious, and I at the end of the day, I want to know that I loved,I smiled and I was myself unapologetically. I don’t know what you want to do in life, but whatever you do, do it with love. Look around you and cherish what you have, even if you’re hurting right now. Everything will work itself out. I promise.


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