Big bang

There were so many times I could’ve said something. I really wanted to say something; I mean literally, If I could, I would just say “something”, so I’d have something to say to you.
There’s a constant chatter that goes on in my head. “Maybe I should say…?” “No, don’t say that, that’s stupid.”
I want to break the awkward silence with my bare fists until they’re bloodied. But instead, I’m just left there, staring at you, and it’s weird because this is not a tv sitcom where the narrator is explaining my frustrations… Sometimes I wonder, what if someone were watching this— like a sitcom?
Someone from a galaxy far, far away, is watching me struggle to keep it together whenever you orbit around my tiny universe. If only I knew that, that someone, was screaming at the screen for me to say something, because they already know how you feel. But the reality is, I have no clue. There’s that feeling of wanting to know something that keeps coming back, and I at least want to know that I did something, before the sun died out…


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